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After Crying – painted by light

After Crying didn’t play any Xmas-concerts this year, but there was a different method to appear in public in the holiday season. A talented young artist, Benedek Pozsgay have created a live building-light-painting experience in the center of Budapest (Vörösmarty Square, Gerbeaud-building) with a special background track from Péter Pejtsik and After Crying. Here is a video of the event:

This is not the first cooperation between the artist and the band: Benedek’s previous light-painting experience has been based on the iconic track from “Show” album: NWC (New World Coming / Új kor születik).

Make a video and play with us!


we had this idea for a game where everybody would win.
The goal is to share the experience with those fellows who are currently not in Budapest this month.

The game is simple:
1. Go to the Christmas Market at Vörösmarty tér one afternoon on any day until 23rd December and make a video recording of the Building Projection Mapping by Benedek Pozsgay based on music by After Crying/Peter Pejtsik. (Shows at 5, 6, 7, 8 p.m.)
2. Post the video on Youtube (please make sure to list the names “Benedek Pozsgay”, “After Crying” and “Peter Pejtsik” in the title)
3. Post the link to this video on After Crying’s Facebook page:

And here come the goodies:
Every participant who posted a video will get a free After Crying T-shirt. In addition to this a drawing will be held among all who upload by 31st December to win the band’s latest CD “Creatura”.

In order to be able to ship your goodies we kindly ask you to send an email to with your full name and post address and an indication of the size of the T-shirt (S-XL, his or hers).

Please share this, spread the word and shoot those videos! We can’t wait to see them!

All the best,

Special concert in Thessaloniki

Dear All,
If you are near Thessaloniki (Greece) nowadays, check out DIMITRIA Festival: its opening act will be a concert of After Crying with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. We will play this Sunday (09/16) at 7:30PM on the open air stage of Thessaloniki Concert Hall. After the concert (and after crying) we can grab some ouzo or a good Mythos beer!

More info here:


Dear All,

As you can see, the official After Crying website has reached the state when it needs a huge facelift. Okay, let’s be exact: it has reached that state for a while, but now it’s the time to fix it. We have news to tell, things to show, so that’s what we will do here.

So, give us a few moments of patience, and we will get back to you. Until then, don’t be afraid to use the Facebook button on the lead picture – wonder, where does it lead…? 🙂

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