After Crying

Special concert in Thessaloniki

Dear All,
If you are near Thessaloniki (Greece) nowadays, check out DIMITRIA Festival: its opening act will be a concert of After Crying with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. We will play this Sunday (09/16) at 7:30PM on the open air stage of Thessaloniki Concert Hall. After the concert (and after crying) we can grab some ouzo or a good Mythos beer!

More info here:


Dear All,

As you can see, the official After Crying website has reached the state when it needs a huge facelift. Okay, let’s be exact: it has reached that state for a while, but now it’s the time to fix it. We have news to tell, things to show, so that’s what we will do here.

So, give us a few moments of patience, and we will get back to you. Until then, don’t be afraid to use the Facebook button on the lead picture – wonder, where does it lead…? 🙂