After Crying

After Crying / MR2 Acoustic+ from the Palace of Arts / concert film on Petőfi TV


It seems that our special concert from last year will finally make it to the TV screens. Remember our concert in the Palace of Arts with the chamber orchestra and VoiceStation choir? Well, we are happy to announce that the footage recorded there will be featured on the Hungarian Petőfi TV on the 23rd of January, a nice Saturday evening at 22:30 Hungarian time.

After Crying – painted by light

After Crying didn’t play any Xmas-concerts this year, but there was a different method to appear in public in the holiday season. A talented young artist, Benedek Pozsgay have created a live building-light-painting experience in the center of Budapest (Vörösmarty Square, Gerbeaud-building) with a special background track from Péter Pejtsik and After Crying. Here is a video of the event:

This is not the first cooperation between the artist and the band: Benedek’s previous light-painting experience has been based on the iconic track from “Show” album: NWC (New World Coming / Új kor születik).