Zoltán BÁTKY


Vocalist, composer, lyricist, musician… and also journalist, editor, show host, PR-expert, gamer, cat owner (or owned?), has some fancy hair, and still an idealist. Plays some guitar, piano, drums, flute and didgeridoo. Noone calls him Zoltán – he bites for that. Call him BZ, if you want to stay alive.

While he has finished his schools as a journalist, he started to play music in his late childhood. Started as a drummer – in his first amateur band, he was also the lead singer behind the drums. After some injuries and surgeries, he’s been advised to quit being a full-time drummer (but it’s still hard to pull him away from the drumkits). He appeared in 1995 for the first time as a frontman. The first bigger step in his music career is the unique progressive band Stonehenge: their first album “Angelo Salutante” resulted quite a buzz in the prog scene and media in Hungary and abroad. The band started to play in foreign venues, and the album has been released in Spain, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

Since then, he’s been into many projects and band: just to name a few, there was Wendigo with a Fonogram award, H.A.R.D. with a critically acclaimed hard rock album, and a Hungarian Queen Tribute band. After Crying called him in 2002, and after only one rehearsal and some practice sessions with a piano, he was already in the frontlines – on an European and Hungarian tour. He is singing from the next album (Show, 2003.), and in 2011, he could contribute his own ideas too, for the latest album (Creatura). Along with After Crying, he is a member of At Night I Fly, Wall Of Sleep and Unplugged Pressure.


  • Stonehenge: Angelo Salutante (2001.) – lead and background vocals, music, lyrics
  • After Crying: Show (2003.) – lead and background vocals, and a tiny piece of music
  • Wendigo: R3c0nn3ct1ng (EP, 2004.) – lead and background vocals, music, lyrics, flute
  • Wendigo: Let It Out (2006.) – lead and background vocals, music, lyrics
  • After Crying: Live (DVD, 2007.) – lead and background vocals
  • H.A.R.D.: Traveler (2008.) – lead and background vocals, lyrics
  • Wendigo: Audio Leash (2009.) – lead and background vocals, music, lyrics
  • PhoeniX Files: Scars for Sale (2010.) – lead and background vocals, music, lyrics
  • After Crying: Creatura (2011.) – lead and background vocals, lyrics
  • At Night I Fly: September Kills (2012.) – lead and background vocals, lyrics
  • Wall Of Sleep: The Road Through The Never (2018.) – lead and background vocals, lyrics, guitars
  • At Night I Fly: Mirror Maze (2019.) – lead and background vocals, lyrics


  • Writing and singing vocals and harmonies (Salvus, Watch My Dying, Morpheus, Remorse, Mantra, etc.)
  • Álmodók (duet on “A Gömb” CD by Ágnes, as a co-writer of the song)
  • Ghost producer (for DJs, bands and solo performers)
  • Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock (video game soundtrack and title)
  • Soundtracks and commercial music


  • Editor, journalist (Computerworld, PC World, Pont-Most.hu, previously GameStar, Bitport, Figyelő, etc.)
  • Twitch streamer (here)
  • Show host
  • Proud father of two cats
  • Living in Vienna, Austria
  • Doesn’t believe that the Dark Side can be destroyed