“Modern classical music”


After Crying’s 25 years, 11 albums, many concerts in Hungary and abroad: these facts really prove something. It doesn’t matter, if someone is using ageless or modern tools, there is a chance to create a world where worlds like “rock” or “classical” are not incompatible at all. This band is a living proof, that acoustic chamber music, modern rock and pop, symphonic arrangements, and many other old and modern musical genres can be combined into an organic unit with the help of artistic freedom and talent.

The band has pursued its own values from the beginnings, where their inspirations are the greatest ones in the European history. Just to name a few: Back, Beethoven and Bartók in classical music, Emerson Lake & Palmer, King Crimson from the modern world. The composers of After Crying are creating their pieces using elements of the “musical common language”, resulting in works that are representing capital themes, deep thoughts combined with artistic quality. Some call it “modern classical music”, which can find its way to the audience of today, and also to the future listeners. The special symphonic concerts (some memorable ones: Caracas, Music Academy, 2000; Budapest, Millenáris, 2001; Budapest, MOM, 2004; Miskolc, 2008; Pécs, 2009) are like crown jewels on the band’s evolution, but they have also earned the eMeRTon Award, the highest recognition of the Hungarian National Radio and Television.

Current lineup:

  • Zoltán BÁTKY – lead vocals;
  • Gábor EGERVÁRI – lyrics, live sound, flute;
  • Csaba ERÖS – piano and keyboards;
  • András Ádám HORVÁTH – guitars;
  • Zsolt MADAI – drums;
  • Péter PEJTSIK – cello, bass guitar, violin;
  • Balázs WINKLER – trumpet, piano, keyboards.